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Ketupat, Raising Income After Fired

Batu City, East Java, Indonesia - After Ied Fitr, in Indonesia was not moslem society in Indonesia who is unknown about Ketupat. No difference with Lontong, both same wrapped by leaf. But, lontong wrapped by banana leaf, and ketupat wrapped by coconut leaf, called janur.

Usually, Indonesian culture with give ketupat each other happen one week after Eid Fitr. And ketupat have a soulmate, opor ayam, often presented to guest for eating together.

The Price of Janur and Ketupat

I'll show you about the price of janur and ketupat. In Traditional Market at Batu City, there was sell them. Her name is Muslikah, live in Gang Wayang, Genengan Village, Pakisaji subdistrict, Malang district, Indonesia. Between Pakisaji subdistrict to Batu City about 30 kilometers.

"In traditional market of Batu City is better because many buyers, so rather than in traditional market of Pakisaji subdistrict, although closer with my house." she said.

In one bunch, have 50 leaves with the starting 40 thousand rupiahs. If calculated, one leaf of janur have a price about one thousand rupiahs

But, if you are lazy to weave janur -or can't be weave that-, you can buy fix ketupat with the price about 15 thousand rupiahs each fifteen ketupat. But, just ketupat, not with the rice.

A Lot of Buyers

Muslikah have many buyers as from a week before Ied Fitr. Every bunch always sold out in a day. She still selling to a few days after Ied Fitr.

"After fired from cigarette factory, i just selling ketupat as it is now. Not bad for the income." she concluded.

Happy Ied Fitr 1437 H

Forgive me

Julian Sukrisna

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